Our titanium and cobalt-chrome products are remelted several times in a vacuum furnace into a cast ingot using quality raw materials. Due to subsequent thermo-mechanical heat treatment (forge or roll), final material properties are configured with a homogeneous and fine-grained micro-structure.

From these processes we offer standardised titanium products such as round and flat bars, wire rods, and cast ingots. We work directly with various titanium melting plants in Europe and Asia via long-term contracts. After agreement with the customer and also in the case of framework agreements, co-ordinated capacities are kept in reserve in the warehouse and can be called up at any time. This ensures optimal delivery security and price stability for our titanium products. We can therefore react flexibly to your requirements and tasks at any time.

We have specialised in the production of customer-specific forged parts since 2001. Our range of services includes not just the production but also complex processing and reworking of forged parts, i.e. open forming, drop forging, annealing, pickling, turning, milling, and grinding.

Since 2012 we have also offered cobalt-chrome alloys. Building on experience of manufacturing and processing titanium, we can provide quality CoCr alloys for use in dental and medical devices.